Jesus Loves You

We know God exists, but how can we relate to him? The Bible teaches us that God made us and designed us with relationship in mind, not just relationship with one another, but with Him, our Creator. Because humankind has chosen to live life, in our own way, we've missed the God way, hence needing a new way to return to freedom and relationship with God.

Jesus, the son of God, who the Bible describes as "the visible image of the invisible God" entered the human arena to provide just that: a way back to relationship with the Father. Jesus, in understanding that for us to have relationship with God, a sacrifice needed to be given, lived and gave His life for everyone of us, so we could have relationship with the Father restored.

Restored relationship with our Creator is what is available to us all through Jesus even to this day. The bible teaches us that if we confess with our mouth what we believe in our heart that Jesus Christ is Lord, we can and will be saved from our current life and into newness of life - the life we were made for. If you would like to start that journey of relationship with God, you can do that today. It's the most amazing step, that acknowledges your need of God and your desire to walk with him in relationship from this day forward. If that's you, with all your heart speak the following prayer to God today:

Jesus, I thank you that you died for me, so that I could have a relationship with God restored. Today, I give myself to you and commit to walk with you all the days of my life. In your name I ask. Amen!

If you have made that decision in your heart today, it's the best decision you could ever make and the start of a whole new journey with God at your side. We would love to hear from & celebrate with you and help you in your next steps.